What is the best time to travel to Thailand? (2023) + Videos

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, make sure to refer to our guide on the ideal time to visit.

When organizing a vacation to Thailand, Journia assists you in selecting the perfect time to go, taking into account the abundant culture, vibrant atmosphere, and breathtaking beaches the country has to offer.

Low Season: July to October

Best time for budget travelers

During the monsoon season in Thailand, rainfall can vary from occasional showers to severe flooding, with rain typically occurring in intense, short bursts. While the low season comes with advantages like lower prices and fewer crowds, there are certain drawbacks to consider. Some islands may close down, and boat services may be limited during stormy weather. If you opt for the low season, it’s important to remain flexible with your travel plans.


With cool and dry weather prevailing, the peak tourist season arrives, attracting a large number of visitors to Thailand.

Key events: Chinese New Year


Thailand continues to enjoy the high season, offering abundant sunshine and enjoyable activities for those seeking refuge from colder climates elsewhere. While it may be slightly less crowded compared to December and January, the country remains a fantastic destination for sun and fun.

Key events: Flower Festival; Makha Bucha


As the hot and dry season approaches in Thailand, the beaches begin to see a decrease in crowds. This coincides with the mid-term break in Thailand when students embark on sightseeing trips, leading to a further reduction in beachgoers.

Key events: Mango Season; Kite-Flying Festivals


Thailand experiences hot and dry weather during this period. While the main tourist season is gradually winding down, it is advisable to make reservations well in advance due to the bustling activity during Songkran, a popular festival where the entire country is in motion.

Key events: Poy Sang Long; Songkran


As the rainy season approaches, various festivals are held in Thailand with the belief of bringing abundant rainfall and fruitful harvests. During this time, prices are generally low, and there are fewer tourists. However, it’s worth noting that the weather remains relentlessly hot during this period.

Key events: Rocket Festival; Royal Ploughing Ceremony; Visakha Bucha


In certain regions of the country, the rainy season is characterized by brief afternoon showers, allowing for the remainder of the day to be filled with music and joyous celebrations. This month can be considered a shoulder season, meaning it falls between the high and low seasons, offering a balance between smaller crowds and enjoyable festivities.

Key events: Chanthaburi Fruit Festival; Hua Hin Jazz Festival; Phi Ta Khon; Pattaya International Music Festival


The onset of the rainy season in Thailand coincides with Buddhist Lent, a time of introspection and meditation for the Buddhist community. Additionally, summer holidays lead to an increase in tourist arrivals, resulting in a surge of visitors during this period.

Key events: Asahna Bucha; Khao Phansaa; HM the King’s Birthday


During the middle of the rainy season in Thailand, the weather is characterized by overcast skies and daily showers. In theory, this period tends to have fewer visitors due to the perception of less favorable weather conditions.

Key events: HM the Queen’s Birthday


The rain in Thailand typically continues throughout September, and interestingly, this tends to deter larger crowds of tourists.


During this time, Thailand begins religious preparations for the conclusion of the rainy season and the observance of Buddhist Lent. The monsoons are also gradually tapering off, reaching their conclusion in most parts of the country.

Key events: King Chulalongkorn Day; Ork Phansaa; Vegetarian Festival; Bangkok Biennale


The cool and dry season has now arrived in Thailand, presenting an excellent opportunity to visit before the tourist crowds start to swell. The inviting beaches and lush landscape make it an ideal time to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the country.

Key events: Loi Krathong; Lopburi Monkey Festival


The peak of the tourist season has returned to Thailand, bringing with it clear skies, bustling beach resorts, and a festive atmosphere. It’s a time when the country is vibrant with visitors enjoying their holidays.

Key events:¬†Chiang Mai Red Cross & Winter Fair; Rama IX’s Birthday

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